Is Black Your Favourite Colour Gym Leggings?

Sarah Hunt

Posted on April 26 2021

It’s no great secret why women wear black sports leggings to the gym. However, have you ever considered what you might be missing out on because your go to colour is black?

We have recently run some analysis on our bestselling colour leggings and tops, I’II share this with you further down the page.

It was our findings that inspired us to share the information and the following research conducted by Cambridge University.

The researchers used the example of Chameleons, to seek answers to the question surrounding colours and love. They observed that Chameleons were unafraid of using attractive colours to catch the eye of potential mates, this also made them attract predators, so literally speaking, they were unafraid to die for love, how very romantic.

Using this study, the scientists went to the history of human evolution and how colour psychology came into being. They concluded that most male animal species used bright and attractive colours without being afraid of being seen by their predators. Females on the other hand were known to favour better camouflage.

A further study in 2010 asked men to interact with women wearing either a red shirt or those wearing some other colour like blue or green. The experiment concluded that men asked more intimate or personal questions to the women wearing red than any other colour. Likewise, they also sat closer to women in red shirts. Compared to other colours, women wearing red were also more sought after.

In psychological terms, red evokes a basic, primal instinct in all species and is seen as a symbol of fertility and sexuality. Of course, you may not feel comfortable wearing red, and what colours you choose to wear will undoubtedly be highly dependent on your personal preference and past experiences with that particular colour. It does reveal though just how intrinsically linked to colours our emotions are.

Colour Puffs Primary Colours

So back to our analysis, as I’m sure you won’t be surprised the bestselling colour was Black and the second-best Navy. However, what we found really interesting was our sizes 14’s and above ladies were the most fearless with their purchases and strive to break the mould more, purchasing the brighter colours and patterned leggings….come on size 10’s and 12’s you’ve got some catching up to do!

When putting together our ranges at JOMO we know the majority of women will always buy Black Leggings or Navy leggings, but we also know there are many of you bursting to breakout into a wardrobe of colour. So on the theme of colour here is a selection of a few of our gorgeous summer tops & leggings for you to be inspired by….. Go on be brave!

With a gorgeous shade between Grey and Powder Blue these Steel Blue High Waisted Leggings will set you apart within your gym community.

Take Your Fire to your gym with these super bold Fiery Coral Supersoft Leggings 

To start calming your busy mind in preparation for your Yoga/Pilates class try our Super Stretch High Waist Leggings with a serene Lily print design.

Temperature Regulating Bamboo Easy Fit Top in Pastel Coral, with soft mesh back will keep you super cool. 

Try our flattering longline race back vest in timeless Royal Blue or if your feeling more courageous and for a bang on trend look check out our Colour Block Navy & Rust Sculpting Leggings


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