About JOMO

JOMO stands for the ‘Joy of Missing Out’, our goal is to encourage women to enjoy taking a step back from social activity, especially social media and enjoy some personal time.

JOMO Sportswear is not about trying to be the next designer brand. Our aim is to help start women on their fitness journey, so we are less Sweaty Betty and Lululemon, more Marks and Spencers…with a bit of an edge.

The journey to a healthier lifestyle for many women starts with what to wear, often women put their kids, husband, career and even the family hamster before themselves. They have little time or energy to think about washing their hair, let alone what to wear if they started exercising.

When I hit fifty I found myself suddenly asking …. What do women my age wear to the gym? What is acceptable to wear at my age? What even suits my changing body shape? Which led on to… How do I find Activewear that is modest, but not dated and doesn’t cost a fortune? These questions were the inspiration behind developing the JOMO range.

I wanted to create Activewear for women that encouraged them to feel comfortable in their own skin and give them belief they don’t have to give into the pressure of the false perfection that constantly impacts us on social media.

Few women start their fitness journey as a toned, perfectly proportioned size 10, to be honest there are very few women that end up achieving this in there 30’s let alone maintain it through their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. The mere fact you are motivated enough to start your journey is the important thing. JOMO’s purpose is to help make the ‘what to wear’ decision a little easier.

I hope you enjoy our range so far. We are always open to new design ideas, so please feel free to visit us on Facebook or Instagram and leave us your thoughts or ideas.